An App Can Save!

Today’s generation goes through several apps in a day. Some of these are entertaining while some are for work purposes. The applications that we use on our mobile phones keep us up to date with all the latest that goes on around the world. We stay in touch with loved ones and are able to communicate with anyone across the world at a touch of a button. So what happens when our world around us coming crashing down? How do we then get in touch with our family and say that we are fine or need help? With technology comes also helplessness. The point when technology does not work or the most important electricity is taken off the equation, we are left hanging in the balance. We cannot contemplate what we can do if we do not have the technology that we so depend on.Zello app

The internet and the mobile generation are all about the future and the ease of communication. But it is times when a natural calamity hits us that we need them the most. Take for example Hurricane Irma. The devastation that it has caused in the Caribbean and the state of Florida in the Unites States is the most deadly ever. This is one time where an app has come to the rescue and saved many lives.

Zello is an application that was started Russia but then shifted to Texas and it actually simulates the mechanism of two way radios. It works over all networks like 2G, 3G, 4G and the GPRS networks. Since it is a direct messaging app, it allows you to connect and communicate with anyone over free channels. Just like a walkie-talkie you can connect your cell phones and your computers.

This main feature of Zello is what has made it the most popular app today with over six million users registered on the site. The walkie-talkie feature is great because in the times of natural disasters, it is very difficult for people to actually type out information and send it. Most of the volunteers and aid workers who helped the evacuation process for the state of Florida used the Zello app to stay in touch with people. Of course the Zello app will work only if there is a cell service or a Wi-Fi signal.

Another great feature of the Zello app is that at a single time you can have a conversation with one person or up to 1000 users. The app lets you start a channel or even join any of the public channels to stay in touch. Not only this, the app can also be used by people with different languages. This helps people who do not use English as their primary language. So this is the major reason why the Zello app has taken off so well especially now with the hurricane Irma happening. All the people who registered on the site were prepared to deal with the aftermath of the hurricane. The rescue workers were able to systematically account for all the people who had been stranded.  Zello thus has proven to be an app that will save!

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